NASA DAWN Mission to Asteroid 'Vesta' - 2011

ITOKAWA  A Rubble Asteroid......Size Comparisons

JAXA 'Hayabusa' Mission to Asteroid 'Itokawa'

ITOKAWA Results of Hayabusa's Investigation

ITOKAWA Implications for Resource Utilisation

ESA 'Rosetta' Mission to Asteroid 'Lutetia'

ESA 'Rosetta' Mission Mission Briefing

NASA Mission to Comet 'Tempel''

NASA Deep Impact Missions

NASA Near Earth Object Program

NASA Wide-Field Infra-Red Survey Explorer

WISE Asteroid Survey

WISE finds Earth's First Trojan

IAU Minor Planet Center

MIT Human Exploration of Asteroids

NEAR-Shoemaker Mission to Asteroid 'Eros'

EROS Detailed Image Mapping

NEA 4179 Toutatis

Czech Geological Survey Asteroid Classes & Composition

List of Notable Asteroids




NASA Orbital Debris Program Office Research Center

NASA Space Debris Newsletter ISS Impact Damage

NASA Space Debris Newsletter Impacts and Shielding

Space Debris Definitions

NASA Radiation Effects & Analysis

United Nations Treaties and Principles on Outer Space

ISU Orbital Servicing

Project Ploughshares Space Security



SPACEX Falcon Nine Launch Vehicle

Scaled Composites Rocket Plane Hybrids

Reusable Launch Vehicle News Current

METs Microwave Electrothermal Thrusters

Microwave Electrothermal Thrusters Definitions

METs Brandenburg Patent 1999

BIGELOW Inflatable Orbital Habitats

Tidal Stabilisation Definitions

Gravity Gradient Boom Design

The Shuttle Remote Manipulator System The Canadarm

ROSETTA Instrumentation

HAYABUSA Mission Profile

SPITZER Infrared Space Telescope



CMVR Refining The Mond Process

Mars Society Convention CMVR

Mining Systems Microwave Drilling

Asteroid Mining Robert Dyck

Near-Earth Asteroid Mining  Shane D. Ross

NEO Exploration Brian Wilcox

Financial Overview Iron Ore Mining

Nickel from Asteroids for Stainless Steel

Anglo Platinum Annual Report 2010

United States Geological Survey Platinum Group Metals

British Geological Survey Rare Earth Elements

Mineral Resources Estimated Reserves Timeline